The Flavor Trade team is just as diverse as its flavors. We're proud of our knowledge about taste and expertise in manufacturing quality products. Join us, and together we'll create great products. Let's mix things up!

Flavor Trade, LLC- Food Manufacturing

‚ÄčThe Experts

Flavor Trade exists to help grow and promote small businesses in the Kansas City area.  Our goal is to grow Kansas City through helping local entrepreneurs expand their passions within the community.  Flavor Trade can help with all your needs whether it's co-packing (manufacturing your product), incubation (lending our kitchen for you to produce goods) or distribution (getting your product produced, priced and promoted into stores). 

Flavor Trade helps entrepreneurs and small businesses in Kansas City by reducing the burden of long-term leases, high start-up costs and expensive machinery.  We hope to grow the future of the Kansas City community organically while starting with you!